Develop Your Child's Full Potential!

One of the biggest reasons why kids fail to reach their full potential is the limitations that have been placed on them. These limits can be imposed by the community and society that they spend time in, by well-meaning parents who caution them to set reasonable goals, and ultimately, once they’ve been conditioned to shoot low, by their own mindsets.

The more limits you place on your kid, the more fear they have, which puts the brakes on them reaching the greatness they’re capable of! When parents do this, it’s almost always an effort to shield their kids from failure - “If you keep your goals in perspective and keep them reasonable, then you’re less likely to fail.” If this sounds like you... if you’re the mom or dad that’s placing limits on your kid(s) & not encouraging them to dream big, remember that the seeds you plant in their brains will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Every kid has the ability to achieve great things... but here’s the thing:

Nothing from the world around them will get them to the point of reaching their full potential. It all starts in their brains. Their inner world. The way they view themselves, the way they view the world around them, the positive/negative talks that they have with themselves... all those factors influence whether or not they will achieve all that they possibly could.

An easier way of saying it is, if you want your kid to have the confidence and ambition to achieve great things, you have to encourage them to expand their imagination, and to live without limitations. Even, ESPECIALLY, if that means experiencing failure and learning to move past it and grow.

Dream BIG.

If you put limits on your kids by telling them what they can/can’t do, then most of the time, they’ll only go as far as the limit that you set for them. Or in some cases, they may not even reach that limit. Why not encourage them to dream big? Why not help them dream of achieving the most amazing things possible?

There’s absolutely no reason for kids to do anything but imagine themselves at the highest of heights. If you tell your kids that the sky's the limit, they won’t even get to get a glimpse of the stars. Let them reach higher. If they reach for the stars they’ll almost definitely touch the sky.

Plant the seed.

The best time to encourage your kid to believe that there are no limits on what they can achieve is around the ages of 3-12 years old. This age group is around the time that your kid will either enter a new social environment (school, pre-K...), soon become a teen, or they’ll be somewhere in the middle. This age range is an important time to feed them this mindset because anything they learn from you, or any other influential figure to them, will affect their mentalities for the rest of their lives. Start early. Plant the seed in their brains now, and watch them flourish!

Why the Dojo is a Great Way to Start

Here at The Dojo, one of our many missions as coaches and influencers is to train our kids’ minds to think positively and optimistically, which influences their ways of thinking as they continue to get older. Our kids know that not only are they encouraged to dream big, and to realize that they have no limits on what they can achieve, but that they are wholeheartedly supported by each of the Dojo staff. Most of the kids that we teach are between the ages of 3-12 years old and, which is the best time to place them in supportive environments where they are surrounded by positive messaging and like-minded friends. This gives them the opportunity to gain social skills, and be around energy that will lay the groundwork for their thinking. This energy influences their daily living as they continue to grow!