Our karate classes are built on the idea of “hard fun.” We keep kids working hard, pushing themselves to try things they didn’t know they were capable of, and we keep classes fun! If kids feel engaged, entertained, supported, and challenged, there’s no limit to what they can do.

Each class is built to be a perfectly tailored environment that teaches kids to think, then act, then lead just like a Black Belt would. Our foundational classes teach the basics of discipline and respect, and in our advanced classes we challenge kids to develop their mindsets to believe that everything is possible, that they are accountable for their own actions and their own life, and that they should be action takers who treat themselves and others with respect.

Our coaching staff is made up of world-class martial arts competitors and athletes across a broad spectrum of sports and physical endeavors. Our method of training involves elements of boxing, kickboxing, cross-training, traditional martial arts, wrestling, grappling, and even some extreme martial arts based on concepts in gymnastics and tumbling!

Each class is a new adventure, and kids can’t wait to get back!